New Person Lost and Confused

Hello, I recently created an account and cloned my first repository. I am not a developer, mine dev is occupied with safeguarding his nation, and a buddy told me about you, so I arrived. Before upgrading to the paid plan, I wanted to be able to ask certain questions but more personally like . However, I discovered that only paying plans can send email. Is there a method to communicate with someone without making it public? Also, when you loaded my website, it did not launch. That git needs to have some Api keys and stuff that i tried to email to you

Hi @TheCryptovist, and welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t want to speak on behalf of the netlify support team, because I’m just another netlify user like you. But, I did want to respond because I was curious after reading your post.

Netlify really is a tool for deploying code and publishing it live, and it’s aimed at developers. Are you sure it’s the right tool for your use case?

Knowing a little bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish and what your background/role is would help us help you.

FYI, I am a paying customer, but I was able to ask questions by contacting the sales team before upgrading. Maybe they can help answer some questions you have? They were able to get an engineer to answer my questions before I signed up.

My programmer is protecting his family in a war. We can’t afford another developer because we’re aiding his family financially, so I’m learning one way or another. I paid to learn, and I don’t expect anything for free, so I want to upgrade, and everywhere else, if you ask a dumb question, you’re treated like chopped liver.
I was told that here they actually answer you and treat you with respect so i figured why not


Trust me I have not sleep in two months learning how to ruin two computers and build a websites about 100 times ever and now I am going to do something that no one has done before. Like you said developers. Polygon i love and invest a lot in matic but they shoot themselves in the foot as all platforms do. That Hugh sign by developers for developers left 97.7 % of and open marker for the taken. I am humanizing NFTs and going to implement something that no one else has in a platform that will attract people.

Daniel you have been around for a while. We have spoken before

@TheCryptovist Netlify is very much a “self-service” hosting environment.

With a paid “Pro” account you can ask a question via a form, but Netlify support may take upwards of 48+ hours to respond and they may not be able to help with project issues that aren’t really related to the Netlify system.

I know it’s not ideal, but if you’re able to provide details publicly another community member may be able to assist.

In the case of providing API Keys as you mention in your original message, those are often added via Environment Variables (Build environment variables | Netlify Docs).

If you have any specific questions just ask.

Thank you so much, Nathan. Yes, I wanted to upgrade and was about to do it when, like a moron, I opted to hire someone to do it for me, only to see them fail since they didn’t know as much as I did on Fiverr, which makes it the second time-. There will be no third installment. I brought over and deployed the app, and it says it’s successful, but when I go to the preview link, all I get is a wall of broken links, I’m worried about having to pay on a 4th to get the same result, and I already have paid accounts all over the world. My bank is probably scratching their heads right now. They will probably be calling me asking if it is a legit purchase. So how does the builder here work., I bring over and deployed the site and then fill in all of the correct spots but there are some areas and tools that you must be a paid member to use. I would gather that those are the tools I need for a correct success at deployment and is there a trick to seeing the build? I have read everything about main site etc. on the videos and forums which are confusing about how to see your build? Is there a link i am missing


The build system at Netlify doesn’t really do anything special.

As a first step you should make sure that you can perform the build on your own system.
By getting the build to work locally it will prove that it works, and the act of getting it running will reveal any missing pieces or steps required (the environment, configuration values etc).

Once you have it building locally you can then configure Netlify to do the same.

Do you mean Netlify features that you must be a paid member to use?, or other 3rd party services that your build uses?

You can safely ignore any Netlify paid features that your build isn’t using.

The preview link is how you see the result of your build.

If you’re seeing broken links, then it’s likely that your project isn’t building correctly.

You should try building it locally and see what it looks like there.

Thank you. I did build the minter locally and it worked fine my problem is i am not familiar with the set up on react and implementing react into my WP site so that it all comes together correctly. I assumed bring it over here i could use a template and then add a plug in that word press has for implementing react with WP and it sounded nice. <but that is all because the plugs in does not do what it says it does. The minter is actually up and running on a few different builds and works awesome but not when i got done with it lol. Im going to upgrade and just keep taking the courses they offer here and sometime I will hopefully get lucky and build what I am trying to build . Thank you for the advice and responces

It’s no problem at all.

You’re working with a complex set of technologies and systems so it’s going to take some effort.

Unfortunately I can’t really provide any assistance without specific details or access to the codebase, but best of luck getting it all sorted out!

Hi, @TheCryptovist. In order to troubleshoot, our support team needs to know which site you are asking about. There is more information about this here:

If you upgrade to a Pro plan or higher, we will troubleshoot any and all issues privately in the helpdesk. For Starter plan teams, we do our troubleshooting here so that everyone can benefit from what is learned. Note, for Starter plan teams we still troubleshooting any login or billing issue privately in the helpdesk. Beside those exceptions, all other troubleshooting for Starter plan teams is done here.

Note, if you do upgrade to Pro, we can help troubleshoot Netlify itself but we don’t troubleshoot the code that you write. The code written by you or someone else is not covered by the scope of our support.

Now, other people here on the forum might be able to help troubleshoot the code you write and questions about that code are welcome here. It is just that our support team only has resources to troubleshoot Netlify’s code and I want to be clear about that before you upgrade.

If you want to share the link to your site here or if there are other questions about Netlify, please reply here anytime.

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