Netlify.toml url redirect is not working

Our site:
I’m trying to redirect a url: to Resources | Climate Central using the following code:
from = “/”
to = “Resources | Climate Central
status = 301
I tried pointing DNS using CNAME to I tried A record pointing to
None of it worked, what am I missing here?

Hi @rslabinski, welcome!

First of all you might want to paste your code in the code snippet/preformatted text, easier to read. :wink:

Question though, what’s your setup? Do you have a public repo you could share so we can see the code?
It’s possible that the netlify.toml file is being overruled, in that case you can work with a _redirect file in the root of your website or public folder, depending on your setup.

Maybe you won’t even need the CNAME record eventually.



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Hi @rslabinski,

Thanks for reaching out!

I see you sent an email to the help desk and being helped there now. We’ll work with you in the help desk to resolve the issue.

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