Netlify Site Deployment fails with message: "failed during stage 'building site': Deploy directory 'web/web/public' does not exist"

Hello - I am trying to build/deploy a new gatsby + blog. I followed the instructions from “” but site fails to build with the message

“failed during stage ‘building site’: Deploy directory ‘web/web/public’ does not exist”

I expected it to build fine but it seems to have trouble with the deploy direction 'web/web/public". I actually found a similar topic on this forum from someone else with same issue: Deploy directory 'web/web/public' does not exist, however fixing/rearranging the base directory/publish directory in the settings of Netlify does not seem to work for me.

Can someone help me deploy my site to netlify?

Hi @jujulicious, you’ll want to change your ‘publish directory’ in your site’s deploy settings to the correct path. If you are still seeing issues, can you share the site’s name?

How does one determine what the correct path should be?

I have a nuxt project with a bitbucket repo where:
• package.json is in the root folder.
• the ‘publish directory’ is called ‘dist’, also located at the root.

I’ve tried base as ‘/’, ‘gd3’ (the name of the repo), and not declaring a base at all. Everything results in:
Failed during stage ‘building site’: Deploy directory ‘dist’ does not exist

My site name is gd3

Turns out my dist folder was listed in .gitignore, once i removed that line the site deployed without the need to declare a base

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