Netlify Rewrite multiple repos

Hi folks,

Currently I’m trying to configure a custom domain into a multi website which uses multiple Netlify domains from the same team. What I want to achieve:

  • domain.example
  • ui.domain.example (has rewrite for /vue + /html)
  • ui.domain.example/vue
  • ui.domain.example/html

The problem is that Netlify is redirecting my ui.domain.example/vue to the url, unfortunately I cannot solve the issue to rewrite the path and serve everything by the domain.example url.

My netlify.toml has the following config(ui.domain.example)

  from = "*"
  to = ""
  status = 200

Nelify domain:

Thanks in advanced

Hey @ptchr,
You’re saying that the redirect does happen (when you go to, the browser redirects to, but you want to URL in the address bar to remain That is definitely the intention with 200 rewrites! Could you please try adding force = true below status = 200? This may also work with force = false but I believe the redirects in the netlify.toml need that force parameter one way or another.