Netlify returning 502 sporadically

hi is my site. Its working for a few seconds, and then not working for a few minutes.
I keep receiving either 502s or this:

Please advise

We are also seeing this, though it is SSL errors when hitting a redirect defined in our netlify.toml file.

Disabled edge functions and it seems to have helped. Edge function code hasnt been changed in over a month, so definitely not an issue on our end. Will wait until I know for sure if thats the problem.

thanks for the followup, @nivopp ! That feature is in beta right now so while you are welcome to report bugs and we encourage it, it is not entirely unexpected that something could change or go wrong. We would of course want more details if you’d like to lodge a bug report (e.g. a HAR file showing the problem at a minimum).

@jgoldshlag I would be extremely surprised to hear that there are any 502 errors that are SSL-related. Not that you couldn’t be experiencing two problems, of course, but I don’t think you should receive any SSL-related 502 errors specifically. Could you give us more details about what you are seeing (once again, a HAR file would be most helpful in our investigation: HAR Analyzer).

Both of you please be aware that HAR files capture all HTTP headers and cookies, so if you have sensitive details in there, you are welcome to elide them (you can edit the HAR file directly - it’s JSON formatted text - to XXXX out the value of your Authorization header if you use http basic auth, for instance). If you don’t feel savvy in doing that and your site does have login details, you could DM @perry with the HAR file so it is at least not published publicly. If your site has no login / authorization, it should be safe to share publicly.

Our users are reporting a ton of errors. In browser console they are getting “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”. This is completely random, but also common. Please advise??

@Hotsauce - I’d advise giving us enough details to help in any way, much unlike you have done so far :upside_down_face: .

I mentioned the details that would be helpful above:

  • A HAR file would be best,
  • an x-nf-request-id would be acceptable
  • but at a minimum the URL that they can’t reach that we host

However from past experience, if only one user is getting it but your site is working for everyone else, it is almost certainly the case that it is a problem with their network or machine rather than our service, though of course we’ll be happy to investigate once you get us details.

This is also likely not about 502 errors, so it would also have been preferable if you’d opened a new thread about it, for future reference.

hi there solvengo, are you seeing 502 errors? i don’t see any in that screenshot.

So, uh, your forum doesn’t allow har file attachments. Seems like you should change that if you ask people to upload them. I dmed it to you fool

Actually, I can’t figure out how to DM people. There is supposed to be a little mail icon, but I don’t see that anywhere

Here is the har file, uploaded elsewhere

Apologies, seems like to be a seperate issue, I have mailed your team with more details.

Could you all try again please? After receiving more reports, the engineers have changed something which appears to have solved this issue.