Netlify redirect/proxy when site is restricted with Basic Password Protection

Our site (Vue/Vite SPA) makes use of a netlify redirect/proxy in order to communicate to a service. The site is currently restricted with netlify’s Basic Password Protection to avoid public access until release.

However, this breaks the redirect/proxy as it encounters a 403.

Is there any way to have the app submit the authentication to the proxy URL so that it works while still secured against public access?

Hey wafflwaffl, you can configure the autehntication to work by using the password until release.

Thanks for the response! Could you please clarify what needs to be passed in the request to the proxy?

the password to the site.

Yes but how? As an authentication header or? To be more clear, how does one authenticate the request to the redirect/proxy when the site is password restricted on Netlify?

When using Basic Password Protection, you’d have to make a request with the cookie that gets saved by Netlify after you login.

You can also use HTTP Auth Headers, if you wish.