Netlify redirect not working

Netlify site name:

I have a _redirects.txt file in my frontend/public folder which looks like this -

/api/* 200
/*  /index.html  200

However, when i try to sign in, the frontend sends a post request to ‘’. How do I solve this?

Keep in mind, I’ve been trying to implement this as a solution to this problem I’m facing -

Hi @minhaj275, thanks for the post and welcome.

Kindly change the file from _redirects.txt to _redirects to see if helps resolve your problem.

The file does not need to have a file extension.
You can learn more at Redirects and rewrites | Netlify Docs


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The file is already named ‘_redirects’. I just mentioned the file extension ‘.txt’. Apologies for the confusion.

It shouldn’t have a file extension @minhaj275 as @clarnx mentioned and as is outlined in the linked documentation.

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Hey @minhaj275, sorry but your link isn’t working. We’re not able to check your website.

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