Netlify not updating sitemap on build

The website is built with NextJS using the next-sitemap plugin.

Live website url for sitemap is here.

The direct link to my sitemap file from my github repo, here.

It builds successfully, and the sitemap built out previously just fine. However, after getting rid of a bunch of pages, the sitemap does not update. I’ve tried clearing cache, opening in incog, redeploying with and without a clear cache redeploy and still not updating.

If you compare the two links above, I got rid of all of the "…’ links. In my github link, they’re gone, which is what I want. But on my live sitemap-0.xml file, they’re still there.

How can I get Netlify to update my sitemap file?


It’s configured correctly. As mentioned, it’s properly generating the sitemap locally, and pushes the updated sitemap to my github.

When Netlify deploys it, it’s not pulling my updated version of the sitemap from my github.

You seem to be generating a sitemap during the build: Deploy details | Deploys | infused | Netlify. Are you sure that’s not incorrectly overriding the sitemap from your repo?