Netlify Lambda Function working locally but nothing happened when deployed


I have a form which the user will fill details to request for a phone call. My goal is when the user clicks the button they should be able to get an SMS from me and also I should be able to see the data on the netlify form dashboard section.

When submitting the form on dev/locally, I am able to get the SMS but I can’t see the data on netlify form dashboard.

When submitting the form on a deployed app, I am able to get the data on netlify form but I can’t get SMS.

Deploy URL:

Netlify Function Log

Thank you for your time!

Here is my Function:

Local Log

Hiya @Dannyke and sorry to be slow to get back to you!

For debugging functions in production, things should run pretty similarly to your local, though there are some details that are probably not relevant here (such as the function will run for longer locally than here where we cap at 10 seconds, and AWS blocks TCP access to port 25 in case you are trying to send mail - so I doubt those are your problems).

Can you tell me how you invoke the function from the form submission, in more detail? Is it an event-triggered function? What is its URL?