Netlify lambda function sftp connection?

Hi, we have a netlify site which acts an API, we have a function that should connect via sftp to a server.
When running locally, everything is ok, but on the deployed site it can’t connect. Right now we can’t get server logs, and we’re trying to figure if it’s a client issue that is causing it. Again, running this locally works very well.

Error - end: No SFTP connection available

The part that connects to sftp

const SFTPClient = require('ssh2-sftp-client');

export async function getFtpStockFeed() {
    const client = new SFTPClient();
    try {
        await client.connect({
            host: "***",
            port: 22,
            username: "***",
            password: "***",


  node_bundler = "esbuild"
  included_files = ["**/*.node"]
  external_node_modules = ["ssh2"]

Has anyone tried this before? Is there any configuration that needs to be done on netlify to allow this?

This would be hard to test/verify without a SFTP server. Do you have one which I can test connecting to?