Netlify integrated with and when I hit preview to review changes then site gives error on preview

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I’m encountering on my Netlify-hosted sites. I have two sites that share the same project, and while one is working perfectly fine, the other is experiencing difficulties with certain pages

not being found. The project in question is built using Astro.

Here are the key details of the problem:

Project Configuration: Both sites use the same project configuration.

Dynamic Pages: The issue seems to be related to pages with dynamic content.

Error Message: On the site where pages are not found, I am receiving a “404 - Not Found” error when trying to access specific pages.

I have thoroughly reviewed my project and configuration, but I cannot identify the root cause of this issue. I suspect it might be a configuration or build problem, but I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting.

To assist you in diagnosing the issue, here is some additional information:

Site URLs:

Working Site: ComplySci terms of use
Problematic Site:
Netlify Project Name: Complysci

Relevant Code or Configuration Files:

Steps Taken

I kindly request your support in investigating and resolving this issue as soon as possible. It is crucial for the functionality of my websites.

This appears to be a code problem than Netlify. Netlify is correctly matching the request to /.netlify/functions/entry on both the sites and that’s where the server-side processing is being done by Astro.

It’s either an Astro issue or a configuration issue, but not something we can help with.