Netlify-identity-widget.js slowing Wowchemy down on mobile site, even though I have it disabled


if I test my site,, using Pagespeed Insights, the mobile version of the site has significant slowdown and only gets an orange score of 74/100.

I have Netlify identity disabled in my Netlify portal, so I don’t understand why this appears in the first place. Even stranger, the desktop version of the site doesn’t show this Netlify identity block whatsoever and gets a score of >95/100, sometimes 99/100, and loads in under a second.

If I have it disabled in principle, why would it be slowing only the mobile version of my Wowchemy site down?

Identity and Identity Widget are 2 different things. You might still have the identity widget code on yoour website. Just remove it and you’d be done.