Netlify-honeypot or data-netlify-honeypot?

The blog post on setting up forms in React appears to indicate 2 variants for the honeypot attribute, and I’m not sure which one is the correct one.

netlify-honeypot or data-netlify-honeypot?

This thead can be locked in preference of this one:

Not exactly, I’m afraid, here the question is which one is the correct attribute, the other topic is about why the attributes are not removed in the resulting form.

@benomatis As indicated in your other “near-duplicate” threads, you’re only having various issues with forms, it’s all forms, you can be technical about the individual issues you’re having, but it’s all forms, and it’s presumably all with the one site.

Just compose a single post in your main thread that outlines your difficulties or what you would like more information about.

Thank you for this response nathan. @benomatis can you please compose one single post so it’s easier to follow. I see you have many different threads and i’m unsure if they are all linked to one another. If you can compose one we can help you as best we can.

It’s all in Various issues with netlify forms, remaining point is number 3 only. Thank you.