Netlify function responds with wrong body

function endpoint:

The function in question has the same response even if the input changes:

    x-nf-request-id: 81d3f259-4233-40de-b5c8-bc1a522ed885-11670676
    x-nf-request-id: 81d3f259-4233-40de-b5c8-bc1a522ed885-11670681

The response from the deployed function has the same ETag even though this shouldn’t happen since the ETag is based on the query parameters (which are different)

If I request the same endpoint and parameters locally (using netlify dev) I get different resources as expected.

In addition, the logs for that function are incomplete: Netlify App
It’s taking a very long time to load.

I already added some arbitrary lines to the function so that it gets rebuild. I also cleared the site cache and re-deployed.

Update: Occasionally the responses are actually correct (body as expected, etag as expected, create a log in the netlify UI). Is this caused by the recent AWS outages?

Hi @eps1lon,

It looks like you’ve run into an existing issue. You can see a previous discussion of the issue here. I’ve also added your report to the issue that we are tracking internally.

That said, we’ll update you once we get a fix deployed. Thank you for your patience.

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