Netlify function environment variables returning undefined

I’ve used the UI to put in a few environment variables and actually see them in the build as well. I’ve built a graphql/node server that uses a mongoose connection and have a front end hooked up on localhost. When I hardcode the uri string, the connection works as intended only to be stopped by another missing environment variable. I’ve read that the serverless functions should have no issues accessing the environment variables given in the UI. What gives?

"scripts": {
  "build": "run-p build:**",
  "start": "nodemon --exec babel-node src/lambda/graphql.js",
  "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1",
  "start:lambda": "netlify-lambda serve src/lambda",
  "build:lambda": "netlify-lambda build src/lambda"


    command = "npm run build" # the command you run to build this file
    functions = "built-lambda" # netlify-lambda builds to this folder AND Netlify reads functions from

Hmm, yes, the way you have that environment variable set in our UI should make it available for functions as well. I can’t tell when you set it, but it was part of the last successful production deploy at least.

I see some successful function executions suggesting that we did read that env var - perhaps you came up with a fix in your latest deploy which seems to have a related commit message?