Netlify forms notification subject provided in HTML form ignored

In benomatis-stage my netlify form works fine, but the subject line I provided in a hidden input, as instructed in the doc, is ignored when setting up notifications, even though during the notification setup it does indicate the form already has a subject line. I tried recreating the notification entry, or even selecting it to only kick in for the specific form, but nothing changed it. Interestingly if I did set it in the UI, the subject was respected, despite the fact the UI message stated it would be overriden by the value in the HTML form.

This thead is also a duplicate, refer to here:

Again, this is not a duplicate: this is about the form submission email notification subject, while the other one is about the attributes not being removed.

@benomatis Again, you’re having issues with forms, you don’t need to open 4 threads to discuss them.

Add additional queries into the one thread so that you don’t waste the time of those trying to comprehend what you’re struggling with, as people will need to continually ask questions about “what you’re working with”, “where they can see examples” etc, and it’ll end up fragmented across multiple threads.