Netlify Forms not recognizing forms

Netlify site name: magenta-basbousa-1ec065
Git: GitHub - lc796/portfolio-frontend: Serve portfolio frontend using React

I have a contact form on my personal portfolio page. This portfolio is built with React, using CRA. There are no issues with deployment, using CD with GitHub. As you can see from the repo, I have made numerous commits to try to get Netlify forms working.

In spite of all my efforts, tweaking each variable (e.g., I have tried including data-netlify=“true”, netlify, and both at once), there is still no recognition of the form. I have scoured the docs and cannot see why this would be. From my research, using Next might have posed such a problem, but I don’t understand why CRA would have this problem.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @lc796, thanks for the post and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.
Kindly visit the blog post below on how to setup Netlify Forms with React if you have not read it already.

Let my know your outcome if the blog post helps or not.

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Be aware that your form and each of the inputs must be present in the public/index.html file, otherwise Netlify can’t recognize them as a Netlify form. It’s described under step 1 of the resource @clarnx posted.


Thanks a lot for the response. Yes, the blog post helps, and now my form is being recognized!


Hi @lc796, glad to know you were able to solve the problem.