Netlify form stopped receiving submissions

Hi, I have sure been having a good bit of trouble with netlify forms. There has got to be a better way than this automagic sh*t that may or may not work.

After a lot of debugging and jumping of hoops I finally got netlify to receive several test submissions. great! I’m good to go. Right.

I never got one single submission in a full week so I went back to test again. Nothing. None of my test submissions are showing up.

What do I do?

If I can’t depend on this thing to consistently capture all form submissions it is worth less than nothing.

Hi, this is (likely) not an issue with Netlify forms but an issue on your end. Did you read the forms debugging guide?

Specifically read this part.

If so and you are still experiencing issue with this can you please provide some useful information so we can investigate?

  • Link to your live form
  • site name
  • what you’ve specifically tried
  • repo etc

yes, I have read through this. initially, I was having the problem, then I changed the fetch URL from “/” to “/form.html” which is my static HTML form. with that change 3 test submissions were received promptly and correctly.

Now after about 10 days and not a single real submission, I retested and nothing comes through. I made no change on the form or how it is submitting.

This is very disappointing because I now missed all attempted submissions in the critical first few days.

Nevermind. I found the problem. somehow don’t ask me how my form.html got moved out of the public folder and therefore was of course not available at /form.html anymore.

GOsh that sucks! Weird how that happened but i’m glad you got it sorted though.