Netlify form 404 with netlify dev (gatsby site)

I successfully added a form on benomatis-stage (a gatsby site), but when trying to use it in local development (netlify dev), submitting the form just hits 404, though the console log for success does show. Is this supposed to happen like this? Is this the most I can get out of local testing? So if I get the parts executed in the .then part of the fetch sending the form, I should be good?

This is effectively a duplicate thread, see latest thread here:

I’m afraid, it isn’t: this thread is about the fact the form submission in my local dev environment returns a status of 404, while the other topic is about the fact attributes are not being removed despite what’s documented.

@benomatis You’re having issues with forms, you don’t need to open 4 different theads to discuss forms.

Well, I guess every support team does it differently, I’m also a support professional, and in our world if it’s a different issue (even if it’s with the same function), it’s gotta be handled under different cases.

@benomatis I’m not support team, it’s a community forum, I’m just trying to assist you as a fellow developer.

I get that things “can be different issues”, but this isn’t an issue ticketing system, it’s a support forum.

You ultimately just need help “getting the form working properly on your site”.

If there’s actual issues, Netlify would insert those into an internal system separately.

As long as the console is logging about the form submission being successful, you should be good.

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