Netlify for e-commerce

I was wondering if Netlify hosts statically generated content, how would I use it for an e-commerce site regarding the way the data on the pages gets changed?

Let’s say I change the description on a product, how do I get that change to show up on the site with redeploying the entire site?

I’m going to be using Nuxt and Firebase to accomplish this system just btw. I did read this article but I’m at loss for how to actually implement this. Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

Any change that you push to your repo would trigger a build on Netlify. Then Netlify will build the website with your new data and finally, publish it.

Simple. Use Ecwid. You would need only to add a small bit of code to whatever page you want for your store and let Ecwid do the rest. Highly recommended.

Yes but if a build takes 5 minutes to complete, and multiple items are changing stock count or I changed the description of say 10 items. Those build times would start to stack up no?

Even if you make a 1000 changes to the content and do not touch the build process, then build time won’t significantly change.

By touching the build process, I mean if you have images that Nuxt might be processing to compress them or generate various sizes, etc. or something else that actually changes the logic of generating a page or stuff like that.

If you change the raw text content (like suppose the Markdown files responsible for the content), the build time will depend on how long Nuxt takes. However, you’re talking mainly about changes and not adding new content. In case of changing content like editing descriptions, etc. you won’t notice a change in build time, probably a few seconds up and down, but that’s it.

All this, assuming you’re making changes and pushing them together and not one by one. If you make a single change and push it to your repo, then yes, the build time will keep adding up.