Netlify equivalent of aws step-functions?

Hello, I’m currently working with lambda functions. The thing I am trying wrap my head around how to make a work flow of many lambda functions, such as needing to call 5 lambda functions for processing a contact form and then looking up financial information etc. How do I go about tieing these together in netlify? AWS seems to have thought of this with their “step functions” which allows you to create this workflow. Can I do this with netlify? If I cant, it seems it would get confusing, how do I call a series of lambda functions together? (bc I’ve read you shouldn’t have one lambda function call another)

Hi @chrisleeharris,

We don’t currently have a ‘step functions’ feature. Currently, if you need to call multiple lambda functions, you’ll need to do this within your client-side code.

That said, can you provide some more details on why you need to do this?

Well, for instance, if a user submits info, like his social, address, bank account info, I need to go to various entities and get data from them, like a county registry to check the title info, a bank api to check his accounts etc. It will be submitted in one form, so I would want a function for each of these things right? And I would need to call them in succession, is it ok to call all of those in the client side? And to access some of these, I will need keys and things. So I wouldn’t want to store or access the keys in the client side right?

You don’t have to keep your API in your client-side code. Here’s how I did it: using env vars in the UI. Once all your tokens are obfuscated in your lambda function, you can then call your functions in your client side code as needed.

Let me know if that works for you.

Just in case it’s helpful too, the folks over at RedwoodJS just recently released, a background-jobs-as-a-service service geared at JAMstack apps. Might be super useful for you :slight_smile: