Netlify doesn't include all of the images in my static/img folder

Hello all, hoping that someone can help with this problem. I have (2) images in my hugo static/img/ folder. One of them in being used as the “logo” on my site. The other I would like to have served so that I can reference it in a meta element on my site or use wth open graph. I was assuming that anything in the static/img/ folder will be served as “”. I am confused why one of the images is built but the other isn’t. I appreciate any help. I am assuming there is some small detail I am missing.

Here are locations:

github repo: GitHub - chadmando/thinkinginbytes: site generation for
netlify app: incomparable-lily-f7f147

From my tests (literally adding /img/[image-name].[ext] to the URL) all three images I see in GitHub loaded.

@dig Thank you. Sorry for the false alarm. I was assuming because I didn’t see the files in the sources\img folder on the homepage, they weren’t being served. My mistake. I shouldn’t have assumed.