Netlify does not send custom headers in a redirect file

Hey guys, I’ve configured an url (which redirects to the main page as you can see). I’m using the latest version of Jekyll, and inside the root project file I have netlify.toml which basically does this:

from = “/ab”
to = “/”
headers = {X-From = “Netlify543”}

Now, the problem here is that Netlify DOES NOT SEND the custom header. I’ve used Fiddler to inspect the header and didn’t see the custom header anywhere in the 301 response.

I thought it’s CloudFlare (disabled it) and the same problem persists.

I’ve basically followed the support topic on redirects and didn’t find anything wrong. This is a very simple test I wanted to do with custom headers, and everything is okay (the latest deploy says that 1 redirect was processed successfully), except this.

What could be the issue?:

yes, you’ll need to specify a hostname if you want us to send headers. doing a rewrite from /something to /somethingelse is a “rewrite” - not a proxy - and no “connection” is made, no headers can be sent. You could do instead:

  from = "/ab"
  to = "https://mysite/"
  headers = {X-From = "Netlify543"}

Do make sure your quote marks are " and not the “smart quotes” in your codeblock, please!

Oh my, I checked my code, yeah, I’ve used double quotes. For a moment I felt like your username.