Netlify dev and Pretty URLs


so I’m making the static website (pure js, HTML, CSS). When I’m trying to serve this site with “netlify dev”, homepage works fine (i define base directory), but other links won’t work at all. I finger out that for links I’m using something like this: /services, instead of /services.html. The reason I’m using this is because I have enabled Pretty URLs inside the dashboard, but netlify dev, don’t see that and then cant serve that site (when adding .html in every URL that giving me forbidden just works after that). Any way to say netlify dev to use the same redirection for pretty urls?

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I don’t think we have that implemented yet, so I’d add a feature request here:

Some site frameworks like Jekyll have their own Pretty URL’s feature that should still work in dev, but be warned that the implementation is likely NOT compatible with our own pretty URL’s (enabling both has led to problems for other customers).

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i agree that we dont have this implemented yet. thanks for reporting!

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Has anything been done with this? I need pretty URLS using netlify dev cli eleventy does not have them built in

It doesn’t look like anyone filed an issue for this @derrick-clockshark - we definitely encourage you to do so so we can prioritize the work :slight_smile: