Netlify custom success page not showing (Trying to display custom success page and redirect to homepage)

I would like to create a custom success page for my react app. I currently get the default success page when I submit a form with the relative path of the custom success page in the url:

I’ve added the action=/relative-path attribute to both my html and js files but it still doesn’t work.

My end goal is to display the custom success page and have a link that redirects to the ‘About’ page I have created (which I also don’t know how to do).

  1. Am I missing something?
  2. To redirect to the ‘About’ page will I have to use <BrowseRouter>, <Routes>, etc. from react or can I use something simple like a href="..." ?

Thanks in advance

Deployed app:
Repo: GitHub - briandgomez/cp-retrofolio at netlify-deployment

You’re using React, so it won’t be able to have a custom page to redirect to as there’s no real HTML page. It’s a SPA, all rendered using JavaScript.

To display a custom page, you’d have to add a onsubmit event handler to the form along with event.preventDefault(), and then programatically navigate to using: useNavigate v6.15.0 | React Router.

So to clarify @hrishikesh I can use React Router to display the custom success page, redirect to my homepage ANDI don’t need to create a HTML page for the success page?

Yes, you’re right. Since your entire app is using JavaScript to work, adding more to handle the redirect functionality would be the better way here.

@hrishikesh So I’m able display my custom success page but the contact form is no longer working. Whenever I try to submit a form it no longer appears on my form dashboard or email.

I’m not sure what exactly happened since I didn’t really changed anything that would affect the contact form from being sent.

Here is the last commit of when the form was working properly: changed path for action attribute · briandgomez/cp-retrofolio@690682f · GitHub

Any ideas?

You’re not submitting a form at all:

cp-retrofolio/src/Components/Pages/Contact.js at netlify-deployment · briandgomez/cp-retrofolio (

You need to refer to some docs: Forms setup | Netlify Docs

You’re referring to “Submit a HTML form in AJAX” section in the docs, correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

Thanks @hrishikesh its working exactly how I want it!
Both of your tips worked:

  1. Submit contact form using netlify forms (AJAX)
  2. Redirect to custom success page

Oh that’s awesome! I’m glad our AMAZING Sr support engineer @hrishikesh could be of help in solving your issue. Thanks for coming back and sharing this with the community.