Netlify-CLI for NextJS/TypeScript project ignoring most file changes for fast reloading/hot reloading

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Two months ago I made the above post explaining that I was having issues with netlify-CLI not hot-reloading/fast reloading when I made changes to my code. After taking a break from the project, I realized that it was reloading when I modified/saved files in the root of my project directory, i.e. files like package.json.
Within the pages folder of the project, modifying files like my main index.tsx file does not trigger hot-reloading. I also have a subfolder containing my ts/js code that is within the “public” folder, and modifying code in those files does not trigger fast reloading. However, .css files within the public folder do trigger reloading when saved.

When I save a file that it does check for updates in, fast-reloading is triggered and it includes updates to files that it normally ignores, like js/ts files.

Is this an issue with Netlify-CLI, or an issue with the way I’ve configured NextJS? How do I make it listen for changes to all files, or at least the files I need to listen for updates in?

Addendum: I noticed that CSS modules do not update. It triggers a hot refresh for normal .css files but even then it does not acknowledge any updates to .module.css files.

As I’ve already mentioned in your previous thread, as long as your app’s server is showing the changes, Netlify CLI will show those too. What happens when you run next dev?