Netlify Build issue while generating NextJS static pages

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble making my build succeed. The build process dies after it starts generating static pages. Here is the build log for context. Any help would be appreciated!

@AhmadJ If you haven’t already you can look at other peoples threads concerning code 137 and see if they contain a solution that applies to your own build.

Hey Martin, I didn’t find any solutions useful or relevant to my case unfortunately.

Hi @AhmadJ

Error 137 typically point to memory issues at buildtime. Can you please share with me your site name or ID?


Hi @gualter, thanks for replying, here is our website link
Upon checking Docker locally, it seems like it uses more than 3Gb, so I wonder how you would limit that?

thank you. Can you also provide a few example Deploy IDs that I can take a look at?

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Here is a recent failed deploy: Netlify App

@gualter any luck? what can I do to fix this issue

Hey @AhmadJ,

Based on this: Netlify App

your build is running out of memory (RAM) limits. You need to either optimise your build process or build locally and deploy via CLI.