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Netlify bandwidth related inquiry

Let’s suppose if I hit max usage of my free bandwidth limit after getting paid for bandwidth alone can I use until bandwidth gets finished completely or do I have to pay 20$ every month in order to add bandwidth.

Also, after paying for bandwidth can I remove my credit card from my account in this way I can make sure that I can avoid unnecessary automatic payment of 20$ every month can be avoided in the future.

I’m a little confused @tharun_p as in the title of this thread you mention “Heroku”. If you have questions regarding Heroku, specifically payment enquiries, you are best to contact Heroku support.

my bad i changed can you give quick answer to my question. Thanks @coelmay

Hi there, @tharun_p :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! We are more than happy to help here.

You will have access to the amount of bandwidth you pay for. You can view the breakdown of our monthly bandwidth in MB per tier on our pricing page. Additionally, for a breakdown of how we track our bandwidth, please refer to the billing section of the Netlify Docs.

To answer your hypothetical, if you immediately upgrade account levels to have access to a feature and then immediately downgrade, you will not retain access to said feature. In order to maintain access to the higher bandwidth, I would suggest staying active on the target billing plan for the duration of the billing cycle and then downgrading when you no longer require the feature. That being said, we most certainly want to make sure you feel empowered to use the starter level bandwidth strategically and efficiently. We wrote the following Support Guide for this exact reason:

Take a look at that guide, as well as the pricing page and docs that I linked above. If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!



@hillary Can you clarify this one, How do i pay only for 100 GB bandwidth alone?

Hi, @tharun_p. Our service doesn’t offer any method to limit usage based on the cost of the add-on. At this time, the only way to pay for a single bandwidth add-on packages ($20), would be to watch the bandwidth usage in the web UI and then to disable the site if it is going to use a second bandwidth add-on.

We do have an open feature request to be able to set metered limits by dollar amount and to automatically disable sites or site building if that limit is reached. We will post an update to this topic if that feature becomes available. Again, however, it isn’t possible at this time.

The 100 GB of bandwidth (and technically it isn’t “bandwidth” it is “data transferred”) resets monthly.

So, if you use only 99 GB in a single billing cycle, you won’t be billed. If you use 150 GB, you would be billed for a single bandwidth add-on for 100 GB. Note, unused bandwidth does not roll over to the next billing cycle.

The next billing cycle the used bandwidth will reset to zero and you won’t be billed again unless your sites use more than 100 GB in the next billing cycle as well. On other words, you only pay for extra bandwidth if you actually use it. Each billing cycle includes a 100 GB of bandwidth allowed.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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It’s really better to just limit the bandwidth for a month … always don’t delete the card

Thanks, @luke I was expecting a perfect solution you made me clear that is what I was looking for the clear clarification of my doubt.

I will get in touch with you in the future if I have any future doubts.

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