Netlify Auth to trigger deployment from a saas application

Hi, We are working on a platform that allows deploying sites from our custom build platform to netlify.
Users can create a site on our platform and it gets deployed using netlify on their account right now this is a custom process where they have to give us their API keys and we get information from there.
We are trying to make this process easier to integrate the client’s netlify account.
Netlify has a policy that requires having each customer site deployed on a separate netlify account.
But I can’t find a way to authenticate the user’s netlify account on our CMS and get the account keys and information using API to deploy the site from our Github repository to their netlify account.
Can anyone refer docs or let me know if that is possible?
Let me know if the use case is not clear to you!

Hey there, @detosk :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and asking! Sounds like an interesting project. I am not sure if this is possible or not, and will need to know more about your project. Can you link us to an example site that you are trying to complete this with?