Netlify 503 error, build fails after activating CSP plugin in the web UI

Is Netlify having any problems?
I keep getting 503 error in the portal, and my site went down, even the build failed despite note changing anything major (just some text)

I noticed it happened after enabling the CSP integration.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I think Netlify is having it’s own internal issues they haven’t caught on to. It’s erroring out even if you attempt to do most basic things with the Dashboard.

Errors range from 500, 502, 503, SSL. It’s complete mayhem and their status page is showing GREEN on all services.

Never mind, Netlify just caught on to this issue.

Yep, the errors were all of them, I disabled the CSP and now built properly. I checked their status and all is green so I thought it’s on my end.

Edit: Errors back again…

What’s the site? We need some info to check.