My websites are all gone

Hi there,

I removed my Google Workspace account (with a couple of aliases below that like and

I also changed the mail address associated with my Gitlab account to

Now, when I login using Gitlab, there are no websites attached to my account.

How is this possible?
Am I logging in with the wrong account? I couldn’t sworn I used Gitlab SSO to login to Netlify.

A couple of my websites using Netlify:

Would love to hear.

Kind regards,

Daaf Bleumink

Hi, @daaf730. One of those websites listed was reported for copyright infringement and the account was suspended for that reason. You will need to find other hosting for your sites.

Hi Luke,

Thank you kindly for getting back to me.

I’m really surprised by this to be honest.
I would love to know the reasoning behind this.
Is there any way you could let me know? So that I can prevent this in the future.

There were (as far as I can remember) 3 client websites on this account.
They were all inaccessible for a full day.

If I know which website was responsible, I can let the client know and maybe get some compensation for the 6 hours I spent on this issue (migrating the website to another platform).

Would love to hear from you.



I’ve got a reply in my support ticket. Thanks for reaching out to me Luke! I will proceed via the ticket. Have a good day.

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