My site loads at first but then goes blank

newbie here, my site will load but then goes blank shows a bad api maybe? but i really don’t know where to even start to repair this problem but here is the website

Hi @mobettagold,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums!

Reviewing the site I do see that it’s a blank page and checking the Dev Console, I’m seeing CORS policy errors. Do you have the same issue when running your site locally?

thanks for the response… i don’t know exactly what you mean … but i know the site use to be fine and was working great … maybe i changed something that may have caused this? im still learning and a lot of this is trial and error… please advise in few simple steps to diagnose … thanks

Hi @mobettagold,

Have you seen this discussion regarding CORS issue? The solutions offered in that post may help. Do you recall any changes you made prior to when it stopped working?

sorry for late reply been slammed at work. but i was trying to use some of the edge functions but i don’t believe that caused it bc if you go to my site a different way like Mobettagold then it works? does this mean anything? also i was trying to use google adsense or just experimenting with it but don’t believe i permanently changed anything. the discussion on CORS issue wouldnt help if other subdomain works then the primary domain should as well. correct? really appreciate your help, sorry im not any more knowledgeable with this. All i have is right now perseverance and your assistance…Thanks

Not sure what works, I can still see the same errors on your site.

You’re plagued by the famous CORS issue and the solution to that is not on Netlify, but on the server that’s serving the API. I can see you’re sending a request to:, that server should send a correct CORS header in response.

You can read more about it here:

You can use a brute-force way to patch this for you by using Netlify Rewrites: Rewrites and proxies | Netlify Docs.

Something like:’

/pancake-api/* 200!

would work. They you can make a request to: /pancake-api/price to send a request.

how do i do this? can you break it down to a few steps for me:? thanks so much

I’ve already mentioned what you need to do.

Check out the Netlify Redirects docs, create a _redirects file as shown above and put that in your publish folder.