My redirects don't work locally


I have a strange situation of where I try to test redirects locally using ntl dev they don’t work.
I was definitely attached to localhost:8888 when testing it.

When I deploy them they do work.
The part that is failing is the simple 404 fall through.
Very small repository if you want to take a look?

Regards, Andy

HI @andystevenson

There is a known issue (or six) with redirects with Netlify CLI. The one most relevant in this case is likely

Thanks @coelmay.
I was just surprised it didn’t work with the simplest of 404 fall-throughs… exactly from the example in Phil Hawksworths Community video.

Regards, Andy

Hi @coelmay I saw recently they updated the netlify-cli but still no joy with the redirects working locally.

Is there any acknowledgement of this being an issue?
Is there a workaround I could try?

Very frustrating to have to deploy the site before seeing any redirects working.

Which redirect(s) specifically are you having issues with?

I cloned the repository you shared. After running ntl dev and browsing to a non-existent path I see

Cannot GET /asd/index.htm

This is described in the following issue on the Netlify CLI repository

As an public repository, you are welcome to add your voice to it.

Many thanks @coelmay. I will add my voice to it.