My redirect rules are processed and deployed without effect


I have a simple HTML site ( which works fine, except for one thing:

If you open the site now, it seems as if it does not have actual content, but it has language specific content, in the hu and en folders. So I would like to redirect my visitors to the /hu one if my visitors com from Hungary and to the /en one if the come from elsewhere.

For that I wanted to use Netlify redirects in my netlify.toml file to have a centralised solution, so I wrote the following:

from = “/"
to = “/en/:splat”
status = 301
force = true
query = {path = “:path”}
conditions = {Language = [“en”]}
from = "/

to = “/hu/:splat”
status = 301
force = true
query = {path = “:path”}
conditions = {Language = [“hu”]}

I used the asterisk and the splat to match everything after the base URL, so would redirect to or based on the actual location, but it does not seem to work, since the redirection is not happening.

What did I do wrong?

Thanks for your answer!


Hey @bozsikarmand,
It’s possible that you did everything right and are running into this issue:
We don’t have updates on the fix at this point, but you might be able to accomplish the results you want with country-based redirects:

If it’s possible for you to set a language cookie using a language button in your interface somewhere (i.e., “Select language > Hu or En”), that would also be a good workaround- our language-based redirects using the cookie work much more reliably at this point. Let us know if you have any other questions!