My production Netlify website looks different than what my local browser displays. my project is in Astro.js please help me

Locally it looks like this.

and in netlify it looks like this.

As mentioned, I use Astrojs and for the styles I use tailwind, my website on the big screen is where the design is not good on mobile, if it works… that’s why I don’t understand why the failure for the big screen (computer) does anyone know what the error was? I committed…

@mce19 It’s going to be difficult for anyone to advise based solely on screenshots.

If you want anyone to check the deployed site, provide a link to it.

If you want anyone to check the local behavior, provide a link to a public repository.

If the aim is to keep the project entirely private, (which is fine), you may need to seek assistance elsewhere, perhaps the Astro Community:

Or the Tailwind Community: