My nextjs api wont connect

this is the site


everythin seems good in development but when build deploy api wont connect to the server i even try make .netlify function directory it didnt work eventho the address all correct and the env for the web are correct

the api directory
pages / api / employer

Please check the console:

You’re using http:// links to call your API. Browsers won’t allow this.

thank you for replying ser i search answer for 2 days but didnt find any, i change it to https but api keep sending 404 do i need to put my pages api to functions dir ??
i try this also, i make a copy of pages/api to functions dir but stil got 404 status code
but when i try in dev mode its all ok

this is my netlify config
included_files = [“!node_modules/A_LARGE_MODULE/**/*”]

im very hype to deploy my first serverless but i cant find the anwer please kindly help im stuck

this is the repo

The new error is this:

Task timed out after 10.02 seconds