My index.html is in a folder called public and I dont know how to host the website

My netlify site name is:

my problem is that i have made a website which is uploaded on my github; GitHub - Rajthegreat123/Ultimate-Rock-Paper-Scissors, and my index.html is in a folder called public, i am not too sure how to work this out.

this picture has my package.json as well as the file structure

Hey @Rajthegreat123

To publish the content in public, in the build settings set the publish directory to public.

Do note this ignores the express server.js which won’t work on Netlify in the current format. This will have a subsequent impact on the published site (from public) as I see is contains references to

You could change the app to run in a serverless environment or use another provider that offers node hosting.

For reference, Netlify is all about the Jamstack

If you want to run serverless express check out

It is actually a multiplayer web game is there any other hosting service that is available for this (I will be searching for some in the mean time) or is making it serverless express a faster and better option not that I am in a rush.

I’m sure there are many node hosting services. Try searching

As for which is the better option (serverless vs node) I cannot answer. Perhaps try both, see which you prefer, what the pros and cons are for each.

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thank you very much I will look into this right now!

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Thanks for the tips, @coelmay! Feel free to come back if you have further related questions, @Rajthegreat123!