My images dont appear in my built app

Hello guys my images don´t appear in my react app after deploy , here is how the images are being called

        const { default: image } = await import(imagePath);
      } catch (error) {
        console.error('error to load the image:', error);
  }, []);

in localhost the images load with no problem and in after the deploy when I open the aplication in the console I have a link that takes me to the image but the image is not being shown

this is what is logged in the console in my aplication after the deploy
index-f6236dee.js:71 Erro ao carregar a imagem: TypeError: Failed to fetch dynamically imported module:
(anonymous) @ index-f6236dee.js:71

  useEffect(() => {
    const loadImage = async () => {
      try {
        const imagePath = import.meta.env.PROD
          ? `${import.meta.env.BASE_URL}images/${}`
          : `../../public/images/${}`;

Hiya, this is a common problem for many I recommend you check through the forums and try the many proposed solutions. Here’s a good example:

Man while I posted this I’m trying to resolve this searching in the forums , but thanks for nothing kkkkkkkkkk

The linked site doesn’t seem to exist. Has something changed?

I have deleted this one and done a deploy from my github
my github

You should not be importing files from public. Simply link to those images like: /images/${}

like this /images/${} still not working I’m trying now like that ./images/${}

Sorry for not being clear. You should not be importing the images at all. Just use the src attribute of images as /images/${}.

I’m trying now , but i local host the images dont load I update you

I tried that way

<div className='card_single'>
      <div className='img_and_info'>
      <img src={`./images/${}`} alt={props.Address} className='img_card' />
      <div className="name">{props.Address}<br></br>
        {props.complement} </div>
      <div className="contact">

and that way /images/${}

but still not working

The images appear to be loading now.

I did it , thanks for the attention man