My Hero Image in my nextjs commerce application isnt showing on production

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    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500
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    Creating an optimized production build
    ✓ Compiled successfully
    Skipping linting
    ✓ Checking validity of types
    :warning: Using edge runtime on a page currently disables static generation for that page
    ✓ Collecting page data
    Generating static pages (5/6) [ ===]
    :warning: Entire page /404 deopted into client-side rendering.
    ✓ Generating static pages (6/6)
    ✓ Collecting build traces
    ✓ Finalizing page optimization

Route (app) Size First Load JS
┌ ℇ / 1.25 kB 107 kB
├ λ /_not-found 875 B 93.5 kB
├ ℇ /[page] 188 B 92.8 kB
├ ℇ /[page]/opengraph-image 0 B 0 B
├ ℇ /api/revalidate 0 B 0 B
├ ℇ /opengraph-image 0 B 0 B
├ ℇ /product/[handle] 5.13 kB 111 kB
├ ○ /robots.txt 0 B 0 B
├ ℇ /search 185 B 106 kB
├ ℇ /search/[collection] 201 B 106 kB
├ ℇ /search/[collection]/opengraph-image 0 B 0 B
└ ○ /sitemap.xml 0 B 0 B

  • First Load JS shared by all 92.6 kB
    ├ chunks/515-d3f7d88c0a1ba588.js 37.3 kB
    ├ chunks/bf276bdf-15032eb073590b98.js 53.3 kB
    ├ chunks/main-app-aa8e5e518a97b19e.js 248 B
    └ chunks/webpack-a45cb5b4679155b2.js 1.79 kB

○ (Static) prerendered as static HTML
λ (Dynamic) server-rendered on demand using Node.js
ℇ (Edge Runtime) server-rendered on demand using the Edge Runtime

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The image is in the public folder.

This is happening because the original image itself is failing:

It’s failing because an Edge Function is being invoked before the image’s path and that’s failing: Edge functions | Logs | frolicking-licorice-a703ae | Netlify

If you’re not using .clientModules anywhere in the code, this could potentially be coming from within Next.js’ code or could also be one of the bugs that Netlify is currently experiencing with Next.js. If it’s the latter, it should be fixed with v5.0 of Next.js Runtime that’s coming this quarter.