My form not submitting

my form is not submitting

Where the form that isn’t submitting?

1 Like here is the link. Can you advice if netlify has problem with form submitting

My guess is you haven’t enabled form detection which was until recently turned on by default, however now is off by default.

I have turned it on previously and several times. But it is not submitting.

Seriously I have turned it on. But the form did not submit. What can be this cause again.


Did you redeploy after turning it on?

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How do i redeploy after enabling. please tell me

If you used the manually/drag & drop method, navigate to the Deploys page of the site and drop the same directory onto the section at the bottom which says “Need o update your site?” ?

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Okay i will check it

Hi, I’m having the same problem, it doesn’t detect the form

Have you enabled form detection and reployed @x-Navax?