My deploy is timimg out

Hi, i’m trying to deploy a Gatsby website and currently the deploy is timing out at 36 minutes, with the ‘Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime’ error.

Can i get the build time limit increased to 70 minutes or more? To enable the initial deploy to complete?

site name: ephemeral-flan-526a2a
site ID: 4ec78f3f-696b-4e80-a125-397e6a48d710

deploy log:

hey there, we’d be happy to bump that timeout up for you so you can get a build going, but in order to do that we do need to have a credit card on file for that account so that we can automatically bill you should you need more build minutes.

let us know here when you have added a card, and i can bump your build time.

Noted. will do. Thanks

Sounds good-- we will be here! Feel free to follow up on this thread when you are make that change :slight_smile: