Multiple sub domains served from single repo

Okay, so I’ve got a crazy idea here and I’m not sure if it’s possible or not.

So I am building a photography website. The primary website will be a simple informational site with a small portfolio, etc. That’s not really the topic here.

The idea part is a monorepo that consists of a simple gallery (for client galleries) The idea being that I could update the code across all of these galleries with a single repository but each gallery will have different images (obviously)

So the goal is to be able to have an easily maintainable repository for the galleries but each gallery has different images.

I haven’t decided on a static site generator for the main site yet, but it’ll probably be Hugo or just straight HTML/CSS/JS.

For the gallery pages, the page I’ve built for the gallery is a single HTML page and JS for functionality.

Anyone have any ideas on if this is something I can implement or if it’ll work well enough.

Hosting for images will either be LFS or possibly AWS, again haven’t decided.

This is our best practice suggestion around hosting different parts of your sites in different codebases on our system. Not sure if you’ll be able to adapt it to your usecase, but I am sure you could if you tried hard enough :slight_smile:

If that won’t suit (I do understand you weren’t necessarily thinking about multiple repos, but you can deploy from multiple “sources” in the same way, e.g. via our API after they upload or something), please let me know what problems you see with it so I can try to come up with a better solution for you.

Thanks for the reply @fool

I’m not really locked into any particular way of doing this. Just the most straightforward easiest way to maintain it is really the goal.

Let me do some reading on what you linked to and come back

Thanks again!

Hi @_Rob :wave:t6: ,

Please let us know what you come up with. :smile: