Multiple environments or contexts from single branch

Is it possible to create different environments or contexts from the same branch in Github? It looks like this wasn’t possible a few years ago (Can I create multiple contexts in netlify.toml?) but I’m wondering if anything has changed there.

The goal is to use a single branch to both deploy the public site and create a site with different environment variables to allow it to serve as a CMS preview. I can always merge and push to a different branch, but I worry that occasionally forgetting to do will cause the sites to get out of sync. If multiple environments from one push is not possible, is there another option to achieve that?

I’m using Astro in SSR mode and DatoCMS as my CMS.

My site can be found at Thanks!

Hi @jdozier-ezell :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! Thanks so much for reaching out. I have escalated your query to our helpdesk. Stay tuned to your email.