MS NET5.0 compatibility

Hi I was wondering MS NET5.0 API’s are compatible with this site. Thanks

Compatible in what way @JCWebServices?

Hi, jasiqli

I have a custom API using MS NET.50. It handles the Auth logins, User registration, and DB interactions. I have successfully deployed it from GitHub with the front end static site to Netlify but the front is unable to connect to it. I have previously had it running successfully from Azure.

They are noth deployed as separate sites the front-end is and the back-end is

is this the correct approach?




So the back-end is using Netlify functions that call the API and return a response?

I believe that is what is meant to happen, I’m not sure if I have set it up right though?

Without seeing how you’ve set it up, it is impossible to say if it correct or not.

Ok, thanks for replying anyway, I guess I’ll try something else