Module not found: Error: Can't resolve file in '/opt/build/repo'

I have problem with uploading this site: laughing-bell-4e863c
I don’t know why netlify throwing this error:

With these settings:
Publish directory: dist/
Build command: npm run build

In general it’s building well at the start but then it have problem with index.js inside main.bundle.js (because it indicate “ERROR in main”)

GitHub: GitHub - kolanowskim/weather-app

This is pure javascript with webpack.

hi there, does this build correctly locally?

Hi, yes everything works correctly locally

Hey @kolanowskim

Could you try to change src/index.js to ./src/index.js?

I ~think~ you need to point to an index.html? Rather than a pure JS file.

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Thanks for sharing, @clxrity!