Module initialization error

Seeing this error when attempting to invoke my graphql function. I am using apollo-server-lambda and it appears my function isn’t properly bundling my modules? I am also using netlify-lambda to build my function.

Any ideas? You can find the source code here

8:42:18 PM: graphql invoked
8:42:18 PM: module initialization error: Error
    at h (/var/task/graphql.js:7:58589)
    at Module.w (/var/task/graphql.js:7:62368)
    at Object.n.default [as buildSchemaFromTypeDefinitions] (/var/task/graphql.js:24:14936)
    at Object.n.makeExecutableSchema (/var/task/graphql.js:7:88918)
    at n.ApolloServer.initSchema (/var/task/graphql.js:24:18)
    at new n.ApolloServerBase (/var/task/graphql.js:12:93382)
    at new n.ApolloServer (/var/task/graphql.js:52:32264)
    at Object.n.initialize (/var/task/graphql.js:7:188182)
    at e.exports (/var/task/graphql.js:52:65429)
    at (/var/task/graphql.js:52:65285)

Hi @codebuddies_admin does the function work when you test it locally? Also, it doesn’t look like you’re running netlify-lambda to bundle your function in your package.json:

Yes. I got past this issue. Now I can’t seem to get my function bundled correctly since it can’t find my schema files in a separate folder that I am trying to require.

I chose to not use netlify-lambda since I don’t have a need to transpile anything at this time. There was also an issue with one of the packages I am using and it not working with webpack.

I am just doing a straight “zip-and-ship” approach with netlify dev.

If you’re doing zip it and ship it then the file needs to be in the function directory that is being zipped. I know it’s been a little over a week. Did you resolve the issue @codebuddies_admin?