MissingSharp error, using Bun…

Hi there,

I’m deploying an Astro site that uses the Sharp Image Service.

But I can’t deploy it to Netlify using their freshly baked Bun support.

I understand that Bun is not Node.js. To account for this, I’ve added sharp to trustedDependencies in package.json. This resolved resolved the issue for me locally but not on Netlify.

Is there anything else that I’m missing?

I’ve not tried a postinstall script that cd’s into node_modules/sharp and run bun i.

This feels terrible for all the reasons it should feel terrible.

Does Netlify bun support not support trustedDependencies?

Reference: Issue: Sharp fails when installing with bun · Issue #4549 · oven-sh/bun · GitHub

Netlify supports whatever Bun supports. If something is not working as intended, it’s more like a Bun issue than a Netlify issue.