Meta Image tags used in Netlify

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Hi there, I am linking a page of my project because I need help with the meta tags. I put them manually in each page where I wanted them to be. The title and description work well however my image is not showing up. Is there a rule that Netlify uses that I am not aware of ? Thanks.

hey there! No, netlify doesn’t do anything to strip out meta tags. Question:

Do you mean “alt tags” for images? I am seeing that you are loading in images via CSS, as backgrounds and such. If you are loading in images via CSS, alt tags won’t display.
Or do you mean “meta tags” for search engines (regular browsers do not show those, and they only work if they are written in the <head></head> of your document.

Let me know what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll be happy to give you some more tips.