Major version update for netlify-lambda coming Wednesday, July 15th

We are going to be releasing a major version update for Netlify Lambda, which is a dependency some Netlify customers have installed manually - not every site uses it.

We will be releasing this new version on Wednesday, July 15th at 9am UTC (5am EST) and you will be able to upgrade manually after that time.

The new version updates our tooling, and removes Node 8 support, as Node 8 has reached its end of life.
Another change that might impact builds is that in the new version running netlify-lambda build <folder> will now return an exit code 1 when running into complication errors where in the current version it returns exit code 0 - which is generally a silent fail.

In order to install the new version you can use npm install netlify-lambda or yarn add netlify-lambda.

If you have questions, comments, or run into anything unexpected, please comment below!