Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site. (I've read the support guide for this already)

Hey @lgmunyon

Can you share the repositories you are deploying?

Yes! Sorry for the late reply. The three repos are

can you also please pop a screenshot of the site settings for these three sites, please?

No problem. I’m new so I have to do it in 3 separate replies.

In all three cases, the site you wish to deploy is in a sub-directory rather than the root of the repository.

As they are static sites with no build steps required, set the publish directory to name of the directory in the repository e.g. html5up-skillpointfitness

Such as this? And if so, are there any steps I need to take after doing so, because this doesn’t seemed to have worked.

Yes @lgmunyon that looks correct for the Lisa’s Tacos" repository. Did you trigger a new deploy after changing the settings?

It worked! Awesome, thank you so much. Is this something I need to do in the future for every deploy, or is there something I can do differently to avoid this complication?

If the site content you wish to deploy is inside a sub-directory rather than the root of the repository, you will need to get the publish directory to the name of the directory.

If you place the content at the root of the repository, you will not need to set the publish directory.

Thanks again. I appreciate everything. Cheers!

Hi @coelmay, Olawale here,
Whenever I refresh the page on my deployed app, I get the same 404 error message.

This deployed app is built with Reactjs. I’d appreciate the help

Hi @walethesolution

Can you share the build settings used (e.g. publish directory) and the repository you are deploying?

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Echoing @coelmay, please make sure you check out this Support Guide as well! It is our first port of call when you encounter a page not found error.

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Your app appears to work @walethesolution (see screenshot below.)

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Yes, it works but when I refresh the page on the about/project/contact page, I get the 404 error message. @coelmay

This is a different issue to that of the original post. The behaviour you are seeing is explained in this thread

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